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A Musical Life

Irajá’s deep roots in electronic music date back to the very early days of computer driven digital production. “Technology and music have always grown together, from stretching animal skins on the world’s first drum, to the development of voltage controlled filters on a Moog synth “ says Irajá. “There is no doubt we are living in the golden age of unparalleled musical expression, that is available for all to use and enjoy”.

Irajá exploits musical opportunities and infuses them with experiences from life and travel. Iraja’s music is a journey of discovery where the destination is not always defined. It is an Immersion into emotive melodies and sonic ether, that are the key ingredients of each story.

Arriving from various backgrounds, Iraja fuses science and discovery with real world modern day tension. This complex mix provides a weathered outlook that aims to last.

Iraja - Headshot B4-LoFi .jpg
Iraja - Headshot A2-LoFi.jpg
Iraja - Headshot E3 LoFi.jpg
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